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Dance To A dangerous Beat
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LP / Dark Entries Records / 2013

lim. edition

INFORMATICS were a post-punk electronic band from Melbourne, Australia
formed in 1981. Michael Trudgeon, Valek Sadovchikoff, Steve Adam and
Ramesh Ayyar met in the experimental sound studio while attending the
same art school. Philip McKellar later joined the band in 1983. Between
1981 and 1985, INFORMATICS recorded numerous tracks, mainly in a garage,
using a four-track tape machine and any electronic gear they could get
their hands on. The band held a fascination for contemporary visual art
and moving images and videos would accompany their live performances.The
production elements in the videos reflected Informatics’ philosophy on
sound composition: the footage was entirely pirated from television ads,
manipulated and then collaged to create new narratives that reinforced
the music.
INFORMATICS came to work together through a shared fascination in
electronic music and the capabilities of analogue synthesizers. In early
performances, long before the advent of samplers, the Informatics used a
collection of synthesizers and other analogue and hand built equipment.
These were patched together to create a unique battery of sounds.
Between January and November 1981 INFORMATICS recorded their debut 4
song “Dezinformatzia” EP but it was not released until 1983 . The track
“Proximity Switch”, later renamed “Accidents in Paradise” became popular
in parts of Europe and was re-released in 1985. “Dance To A Dangerous
Beat” collects all 4 songs from the first EP, 2 songs from compilation
appearances as well as 6 unreleased tracks on vinyl for the first time.
Informatics early songs have a brittle, cold, disconnected feel made by a
Roland SH-101, Korg MS-20 and a lot of processed guitar. The later
songs utilize newer technology and ambient, synthesized melodies closer
to their country mates Severed Heads.
All songs have been transferred from the master tapes by INFORMATICS and
remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The
vinyl comes housed in a full color printed jacket using the original
magenta and grey artwork from “Dezinformatzia” EP. Each LP includes a
double sized 11×11 insert with photographs and liner notes by the band.
“Dance To A Dangerous Beat” recounts the history of these synthpunk
pioneers a world away from their contemporaries in America.