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V.A.- Until The Sun Grows Cold
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Kassette / Vocoder Tapes / 2013

lim. edition 100 copie


A1 Words And Actions These Veins Burn 3:44
A2 Buttons, The (3) Bright Lights 7:34
A3 Momentform Cecillia 3:08
A4 La Main Ton Nom 4:30
A5 Makina GiRGiR Aimless Drive 2:38
A6 Cold Colors Another Day

Xiu (2)

A7 Bedsit Heroes, The Nothing Less Nothing More 3:24
B1 Anxiety Of Love, The These Concrete Aversions 4:41
B2 Faste Occidental You Don't 3:30
B3 Unujr In A War 3:35
B4 Story OFF Again 4:42
B5 Detachments Living With The Enemy 3:03
B6 Betty And The Knives Stone White 2:41
B7 Memoires d'Automne L'Autre 5:02
B8 Enola Ton Battletwins 4:47