“Futurisk ‎– Recordings 1980-1982 kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Futurisk ‎– Recordings 1

Order-Nr.: MW077

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3x 7inch Box & Flexi & Inserts / Minimal Wave Records / 2021



‘Recordings 1980-1982’ (MW077), a limited edition triple 7” box set by pioneering south Florida synth-punk band Futurisk, to honor their 40th anniversary.

"The ‘Recordings 1980-1982’ box set includes three 7”s, an ‘Army Now (1982)’ 7” Flexi, and a 16-page full-color booklet featuring unpublished photographs of the band, the history of the band, and an interview with founder Jeremy Kolosine. The three 7”s are:

The Sound of Futurism 1980 / Army Now which includes an unreleased track from the same session
The Player Piano five-song 7” EP from 1982,
The Ocean Sound 7”, which has not been released in this format until now. 

All three 7”s are remastered, pressed on heavyweight 70-gram vinyl, and housed in heavy color printed matte sleeves featuring the band’s original artwork. The box is case wrapped and depicts an early illustration of the band in a spot gloss black ink on matte white. Limited edition of 600 copies."